Include a setting to disable document title


This issue is related to VE-24, “Document view element title settings do not work correctly in VE”.

The “Use Section Name as Title” and the “Title” fields in the model element Document View specification control what will be displayed as the document title. This enhancement would allow a combination of these settings that will not display the document title at the top of the cover page in the document produced from a local DocGen generation or when the document is displayed in VE. The suggested settings would be the “Use Section Name as Title” set to False and the “Title” field empty. This combination today displays the Section Name as the document title.
This setting is useful when a custom cover page is being produced for the document. The title may appear at any place of the cover page and included with other fields and information depending on the document guidelines.


Shakeh Brys
May 1, 2019, 5:45 PM

If you set the document title to an empty string it should no longer display the title on the cover page. I just tested it on a sample document and it worked for me.

If this is still not working for you, I suggest using the advanced options in the PDF generation. The cover page has a class name of 've-cover-page' and the views titles have a class name of 'view-title'. you can set it to not display by the css below.

.ve-cover-page .view-title{ 'display: none;'}

John Watson
May 2, 2019, 2:52 PM

In the Document view (not just a view) model element, there are two properties that I thought needed to be set, “Title” and “Use Section Name as Title” (SNT). The directions provided with those fields work as described when a document is generated via DocGen. But when the document is generated via MMS and viewed in VE, I could not get them to work as described. Please see initial Jira issue description. Is there a newer revision of MMS or MDK that would explain why we see something different, or is there something that I missed?
The good news is, the CSS selector statement to remove the title from the title page that was suggested worked, with one small change. I had to remove the single quotes. The changed statement is shown below:
.ve-cover-page .view-title
{ display: none;}
It would still be nice to be able to not see the title in VE, but this work-around definitely solve the immediate need. Thanks a bunch.




John Watson