Transcluder Prime



  • Transcluder

  • Referencable



  • Transcluder

  • Transcludable


Presentation Element

  • Transcluder

  • Transcludable

  • Do all transclusions exhibit version in identifier scheme? Or can they be derived, e.g., from a rule given by containing document?

  • Has different forms, e.g., table, image, paragraph, diagram, list, formula, math, code, expression

  • Innately compound transclusion


  • Dereference a cross-reference, and display its content/value

  • Who controls how transclusion is rendered?

  • Literal mentions transclude and render their referenced element verbatim

  • Bibliographic references create deeply-linked, human-readable reference to some element from another source

  • Compound transclusion are a set of transclusions that function as a single unit, derived from an expression that composes multiple individual transclusions

    • Can be nested?

  • Query mention is the transclusion of some element(s) from the results of a query

    • Automatically compound

  • Versioning is part of the reference