Deciding How to Adopt or Deploy OpenMBEE Software and Models

OpenMBEE is a community built around OpenSource models and software for modeling.

Questions often arise around how some of the Projects in OpenMBEE in terms of how they can be deployed in an organization.

How should I decide how to deploy OpenMBEE View Editor, Model Management Systems (MMS) and Model Development Kit?

Deploying directly from Open Source

There are many participating organizations build and run the source and artifacts directly from OpenMBEE projects. To do this, these organizations usually have a larger team and set of resources. This is usually needed for most open source projects as additional software development and IT operational needs are often required.

For organizations without these resources, there are other options below.

Utilizing a Managed Service Provider

Some organizations choose to use a Managed Service Provider or other type of 3rd party services vendor. These providers offer services to set up operate and sustain OpenMBEE MMS and View Editor for your organization. Most of them are also capable of building additional features, configuring custom security and other needs.

There are providers that are members of OpenMBEE as well as others that provide these services.

Utilizing a COTS Provider

Most software in OpenMBEE licensed under the Apache 2 license. This is license is known as being commercial-friendly open source license.

As a consequence, vendors can incorporate OpenMBEE source code with no strings attached.

Currently, Cameo and Cameo Collaborator incorporate OpenMBEE docgen and key functionality around views. For many organizations, this is great way to get the functionality needed.