The Document Generator (DocGen) is a module of MDK plug-in in Cameo Systems Modeler. It provides the capability to generate formal documents from UML/SysML models in Cameo Systems Modeler. A "document" is a view into a model, or a representation of model data, which may be structured in a hierarchical way. A document is a collection of paragraphs, sections, and analysis, and the order and layout of the content is important. DocGen operates within Cameo Systems Modeler, traversing document's "outline", collecting information, performing analysis, and writing the output to a file.

DocGen produces a DocBook XML file, which may be fed into transformation tools to produce the document in PDF, HTML, or other formats.

DocGen consists of:

• a UML profile with elements for creating a document framework

• a set of scripts for traversing document frameworks, conducting analysis, and producing the output

• a set of tools to help users validate the correctness and completeness of their documents.

Users need to invest the time to define the document content and format; however, once this is done the document can be produced with a button click whenever the model data is updated. The user never has to waste time numbering sections or fighting with reluctant formatting, as this is all performed automatically during the transformation to PDF, HTML, etc. DocGen can also be extended and queries may be added in a form of reusable analysis functions.