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May 26, 2023


@vaishnavi yathirajam @Lewis John Mcgibbney (Unlicensed)


As newcomers to the OpenMBEE community, we struggled to find useful content on the openmbee.org website. For example, where is the quick start? “Getting Started“ literally took around a week only to find out that it was broken. We want the website to be straightforward. A perfect example is the Apache Spark website https://spark.apache.org/ . Another example is the Apache Orc website https://orc.apache.org/ .


We therefore propose to redesign the website around the following themes

  • key features:

    • Git for Engineering Data - version control system for structured data

    • dynamic creation of engineering documents from models

    • model integration synchronization across third-party tooling

    • create, read, and update model elements in a notebook computational environment

  • getting started: tooling and the foundations of how to build and analyze system models using OpenMBEE

  • use cases: OpenMBEE in the wild and other educational examples

Our goal is to lower the barrier to entry for new users to actually use OpenMBEE. If we cannot demonstrate this in less than 5 minutes, then we have lost the user. We need very simple getting started guide(s) which the user can run locally on commodity hardware without any proprietary software packages.

Performance Impact


Implementation and maintainability

We intend to

Deployment options


What defines this OEP as “done“?