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Jun 28, 2023


@Bryan Orozco @Blake Regalia @Doris Lam


The motivation behind the MMS5 Deployment Documentation OEP is to create comprehensive and user-friendly deployment documentation for MMS5. The focus of this OEP is to streamline the deployment process, reduce learning curves, and promote the widespread adoption of MMS5 as a valuable MBSE solution.


During the INCOSE Hackathon track, participants will have the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the creation of clear and concise deployment documentation for MMS5.

In these sessions, we will provide participants with an online guide as well give live, guided tutorials with the following goals:

  • getting MMS5 running locally

  • loading a sample dataset

  • committing changes to the model

  • querying MMS5 to get diffs between commits

  • using a Jupyter Notebook to perform analytics


We will adjust the tutorial as needed, based on feedback from participants. Feel free to submit requests beforehand if you have a certain use-case in mind and would like some hands-on experience with MMS5.

Implementation and maintainability

Deployment options

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes

What defines this OEP as “done“?