Flexo View Editor and Docweb

Needs Goals and Objectives

The objectives for the next generation View Editor and Docweb

  1. Leverage Existing Document Oriented Editors around the fundamental concept of model hardening

    1. The MMS must be able to track, check and record all documents, presentation elements, atomic transclusions and simple links

    2. The MMS must track all sources and source relationships

  2. In facilitation of item 1 - Expand the explicit ability to transclude model information and data sources into engineering communications products

    • Inline text

    • Diagrammatic

    • Tabular

    • List

    • Visualizations

  3. in facilitation of item 2 - products include but are not limited to

    1. Documents

    2. Spreadsheets

    3. Wiki pages

    4. Slides

    5. PDFs

    6. HTML

  4. The MMS must provide API support for all functions of any View Editor and Docweb Application functionality


API Needs for View Editor and Docweb in the Flexo Architecture


  • manage model and data sources

  • Multi-project search

  • Query building

  • Multi-tenant project management

  • User access and authority management