COMODO2 is a Java tool that allows to transform a UML/SysML model into code for different software platforms.


Input Model

The input model should comply with COMODO profile and be stored in EMF XMI 5.x format.

For example, in MagicDrow, use the option: File -> Export to -> Eclipse UML2 XMI 5.x to export the model.

Target Platforms

The following target platforms are supported:

  • SCXML Transforms the input model into SCXML document(s). The generated SCXML document can be executed by an SCXML interpreted.

  • ELT-MAL Transforms the input model into XML/MAL ICD. The generated XML file can be transformed into code using CII tools.

  • ELT-RAD Transforms the input model into C++ code, SCXML, XML/MAL ICD, for the Rapid Application Development toolkit (RAD). The generated code can be compiled and executed on a machine installed with the ELT Development Environment and RAD.

  • QPC-QM Transofrms the input model into a QM file for the Quantum Modeler. This also generates implementation files that are used for the C code QM will generate.