OpenMBEE, the Second International Workshop on Open Model Based Engineering Environment is organized as part of the IEEE/ACM 24th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2021).

OpenMBEE will take place virtually on Oct 10, 2021 aiming at defining the future directions of this area by bringing together world experts for an intense half-day workshop.


The Open Model Based Engineering Environment (OpenMBEE) group is a community of engineering practitioners, software developers, and researchers that share a common vision for a world where engineering modeling relies on a rich open source set of models and software that support engineering modeling and analysis in the form of an integrated environment.

This environment shall enable collaborative modeling at scale and be an open platform for (system) engineering tools. It is also expected to support conventions and practices that will support cultivating a culture of collaborative engineering model development to transform the currently often siloed engineering practice.

Using software development as a guide, we expect engineering modeling will leverage many of those capabilities and practices with additional novelty germane to the world of engineering modeling and analysis. As in most organizations documents are the primary publishing mechanism for engineering work based on models, the environment is expected to enable mutually consistent and corresponding engineering models and documents achieving the single source of authority.

The OpenMBEE community strives to develop capabilities that help organizations better define and manage their MBX (Model Based X) ecosystems. MBX ecosystems consist of the models, tools, processes, and people/roles that come together to develop the systems/products that an organization cares about. The MBEE capabilities and tooling scope for this workshop is not restricted to the currently available items, although it is encouraged to leverage them.

In the OpenMBEE context, SysMLv2 is emerging into the multi-language paradigm together with Project Jupyter as a popular polyglot engineering platform for analytical and computational models. 

Similarly, in the Jupyter and Python space there is a desire to see broader modeling capabilities in these general purpose languages. They are envisaged to play a major role in the near future as key enabling technologies for MBx ecosystems.

The goal is to contribute techniques and tools supporting all aspects of development, use, maintenance and evolution of OpenMBEE-relevant artifacts, and make these available to the the OpenMBEE community to allow them to collaboratively construct and analyze the high-quality products needed to develop missions and systems.

All questions about submissions should be emailed to the organizing committee members.

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